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The First DIY ( Do-It-Yourself ) Solar Energy Panel System

The “Affordable Power Panel” – Real Simple to Install. Now Watt for Watt Equal in Electricity Production to the Crystalline Silicone PV Solar Modules that are now used. Is “Plug & Play Solar Energy” finally here?

Slide / Picture ( 1 )  Shows a single piece of Starter Strip installed on the roof by fastening it to the rafters, through the roof deck with corrosion resistant deck screws.

Slide / Picture ( 2 )  Shows the bottom of the First Panel being LOCKED into the Starter Strip. The Top of the Panel is then fastened to the rafters, through the roof deck with deck screws.

Slide / Picture ( 3 )  Shows the Bottom of the Second Panel being LOCKED into the Top of the First Panel. The Top of the Second Panel is fastened to the Rafters as done in the previous steps. You then LOCK the bottom of the next panel into the Top Lock of the previous Panel, fasten the top of the Panel through the Screw Slots and continue on in this manner until you’ve installed the Top Panel.

Slide / Picture ( 3 )  Also shows the Top LOCK of the Last Panel being Flashed to the Roof using the same Roof Flashing Techniques as used for the past 500 years. The Micro-Inverters and cable assembly’s on the left to be enclosed in a raceway cover, color to match panel.

Installs Real Simple – Real Fast – Saves Time – SAVES MONEY.  All Mounting Screws are Covered by the Previous Panel. No Roof Leaks, EVER!

All Panels to be 20 inches wide. The Panel Lengths are – (100) Watt Panel = 7′ 5″, (200) Watt Panel = 13′ 3″, and the (300) Watt Panel = 19′ 4″

For a Complete Explanation of the AFFORDABLE POWER PANEL PV Solar Array System  select About the Panel from the menu above.


Official definition: Plug & Play PV Solar by Fraunhofer USA. 2013 Recipient of the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative for Plug-and-Play PV Systems for American Homes, getting $11.7 million for a program that kicked off in February.

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