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About Us

My name is Gary McCrea. I have been in the commercial roofing business since 1984. I have been seeing the Flexible Thin Film PV Modules showing up on commercial flat roofs since the early 90’s, not because they were leaking, but just because they were there. Unlike the large, heavy Crystalline Silicone PV systems that set above the roof on racking systems that require multiple roof mounting penetrations ( that’s roofer talk for holes ) in your roof. The Thin Film PV Modules are attached to the roof with a modified bitumen laminate roofing material that requires no mounting penetrations . Long story short that’s when I began thinking about the Who, What, When, Where, Why / Way of The AFFORDABLE POWER PANEL. A light weight, durable, easy to install Solar Module that can be attached to a sloped, asphalt shingle roof, like what’s on most of the homes and businesses in America. Last year when I learned that the Standard Test Conditions ( STC ) rated watt density of a CIGS Flexible Thin Film PV Module had finally caught up and is now equal to that of Crystalline Silicone PV Modules. I realized the time is NOW!