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Solar Soft Cost

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( NREL ) “soft cost” account for up to approximately half of the total installed cost of a residential PV solar systems.

These Cost Include:


Marketing / Advertising

Sales Calls / Site Visit

Bid Preparation /  Phantom Bids



Signing Contract / Collecting Payment



Financing ( Capital Expenses )



Legal Agreements ( RFP’s, PPA’s, etc. )

Incentive Application Processing



Wait Time for Permits, Inspections, and Interconnection

Permitting Expenses

Utility Interconnection Expenses

Idle Crew and Trucks



Service ( Operations & Maintenance)

Installation Labor

Optimal System Design


The Affordable Power Panel uses web based engineering companies that design PhotoVoltaic Solar Systems in the Cloud, collaborating with engineers from around the country. This reduces the cost of in-house solar designers and engineers. They perform all the hard-core engineering so homeowners and / or their Home Improvement Contractor can get permit approvals for the build. Not totally eliminating Soft Cost but making it more simple and saving significant expense.



A Feasibility Study is the first step in your Renewable Energy Project. Using geographical information ( GPS ) we can advise you as to the location’s potential energy production. Starting with remote reconnaissance, we are able to access the site location for optimal size & renewable energy equipment. We also identify critical design constraints or issues. We analyze the location factoring in site variables & present it in an easy to read fashion.

FEATURES: Virtual Aerial Reconnaissance, System Layout Overlay, Tilt Factor, Orientation, System Size, Module Count, Vicinity Map, & Shade Analysis.



A Concept Design demonstrates the proposed green energy technology & is used to specify the best application & identify the optimal system performance & configuration. This document is used as a visual tool that serves as a basis to compare several design iterations or applications selections. It can also be used to develop a bill of materials to estimate a projects cost.

Features: System Size, Vicinity Map, Customer Information, Equipment Locations, Project Plan, Array Dimensions, Basic Single Line Diagram, Basic Bill of Materials, Source Circuit Design, Inverter Configuration, Interconnection Strategy & Utility Interconnection Application. If required we have a Drone Reconnaissance Service available for satellite inaccessible information.



Determine the ROI for your Alternative Energy Project with our Financial Analysis Tool. Regardless of the size of your PhotoVoltaic project, a Financial Analysis from AmEnergy Plus is a fast, cost effective, & comprehensive financial tool. It can model, organize & report the critical data required to make decisions regarding your PhotoVoltaic Project. Our Financial Analysis can model PPA’s, 3rd Party Leases, Debt. & Tax Equity Financing, & Private or Group funding as well. It is custom made to fit your project, location & financing model. The Financial Analysis is intended as an informative guide for decision makers ( owners, builders, contractors, investors ) to map out a financial plan for the project.

Features: Utility Bill Analysis, Production Estimates, Incentive Modeling, Tax & Depreciation, Return on Investment ( ROI ), Internal Rate of Return ( IRR ), Payback Year, Annualized Cash Flows, Net Present Value ( NPV ), Environmental Impact, Levelized Cost of Energy ( LCOE ), Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ). Upon request a certified CPA Review is available.



The Permit Package is a set of drawings & calculations of the designed system used to apply for a Building Permit. The Blueprints are code-compliant and can be reviewed & wet-stamped by an engineer. Our packages have a 99% success rate at passing plan review the first time.

Features: Site Plan, Equipment Locations, Project Plan, Array Dimensions, Source Circuit Design, Inverter Configuration, Interconnection Strategy, Project Plan & Details, Single Line Diagram, Electrical Equipment Plan & Details, Bill of Materials, Structural Calculations & Annotations, Electrical Calculations & Annotations, System Marking Placard Templates, Interconnection Details, Wire Schedule, Conduit Schedule, Voltage Drop. A PE Stamp is available upon request.